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Thor on One Knee: The Limits of Power

When Thor and Loki reached Utgard, they found it to be so massive in size that they could enter by squeezing through the bars of the front gate. They found the king - Utgard-Loki - so huge that he barely noticed his diminutive guests. When he did, he asked them if...

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Edda, by Snorri Sturluson (Review… sort of)

Usually I think of Edda as "The Edda," or "The Prose Edda," partially because I'm reading The Poetic Edda now, and it's an easy way of keeping them segregated in my mind. Snorri's Edda is one of the two (the other is The Poetic Edda) primary sources for Norse...

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What is Mythic Time?

When did Höd kill Baldr? When is Ragnarök? Even more importantly, when was the world created? As a kid, I recognized intuitively that a lot of the myths that I was reading took place in an ill-defined present, but at the same time, there were origin stories - and...

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The Passage
really liked it
Man, this book was long (for me) but ultimately very good, though it took me about a hundred pages to get into it. I appreciated the way all of the little bits came together, with the promise of more interesting stuff in the future books...